Therapy in English

We could either work in my private practice, in case you live in Innsbruck or nearby. My English is fluent and I am very used to do consulting or therapy in English. Therefore, you are most welcome to work with me in English. But you are also most welcome to work with me online, in case you live further away or you cannot leave your house right now. It is really easy and works much better than you would think, if you have never done it. Check it out and you will see!

I learned English at school. When I was 25 years old, I received a Fulbright scholarship and had the chance to go to a private American university to study intercultural psychology (California Institute for Integral Studies, San Francisco). I also received a very broad psychological training and was exposed to a holistic awareness and diverse spiritual practices such as the ones from the Native American church, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and the Holotropic breathing.